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Offering Options

In addition to the offering that is taken at church on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, Luther Memorial Church has some other options for donations.

Falling Forward in Faithful Giving

We fall forward in faith because God has given us life in Jesus Christ.

We fall forward in faith because Jesus has forgiven us and made us new.

We fall forward in faithful giving because God provides for our daily needs as we care for our family, our community, and our church.

We, as Luther Memorial, model this exact faith practice in how we are stewards of all the offerings you give. Being church together is NOT a       business where we build nest eggs of money or make a profit; being church together is “fall”-ing       forward in faithful giving.


Beckman Project

Pastor Reinhard Beckman announced on his 100th birthday that he was going to give $100 to Luther Memorial Church which was one dollar for each of his 100 years.  This money goes to the Youth Scholarship fund.  You may not be ready to celebrate 100 years, but you can still donate a dollar for the years you do have of God’s blessings.  Other suggestions would be to donate for the birthday or anniversary of a loved one.


Simply Giving

Luther Memorial Church offers an electronic giving option called “Simply Giving” for making donations on a scheduled, automated basis.  This provides a convenient way for you to give while providing the church with the much needed financial consistency that it needs to continue God’s ministry.  Simply Giving authorization forms can be obtained by contacting the church office.  This authorization form will allow you to set up how often you would like to contribute to the church and what fund you would like the money to go towards.