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Youth & Family

Luther League:

This is the youth group for grades 9th through 12th grade. All young people are welcome to come and experience mission trips, national youth gatherings and many other service and faith growth opportunities. Luther League meets in a combined youth group with other area churches on Sunday Evenings for learning and fellowship.  Request to be a part of the Luther Memorial Luther League Facebook page for information and events. Check out our calendar, linked here, for exact dates!

Luther League-Calendar-17-18

Bible Camp:

This program is open to grades 1st through 12th grade as well as family camp. 7th graders are required to go to camp as part of confirmation with 2/3 of the cost covered by the Church. Scholarships are available to all those who wish to go to camp but are restricted by the cost.


BeLOVED is an after school youth program that is based upon the Christian value of showing others that they are beLOVED and ultimately experiencing love themselves. Students are K-4. Older students and adults are helpers and an instrumental part of the program. Children can expect a variety of bible stories, games, singing, prayer, snacks and other activities. This program meets after school to 5 pm at St. John’s UCC on Wednesdays. 


All young people, grades 6th through 8th, are invited to learn about God’s Word, the Sacraments, the Theology of the Lutheran Church and how we can serve God and neighbors in profound ways. After completing the confirmation program each young person has the privilege of affirming their faith as an adult member of Luther
Memorial. Confirmation class meets every Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:00pm.  Confirmation Calendar 2017-18



All of our Sunday School grades (pre-k through 5th) participate in different Milestone classes during their faith journey. These special classes are attended with their parent or a faith mentor and help to continue their journey by teaching about faith practices. Included in these Milestones are first communion, which is offered for third graders. First Communion is recognized on Maundy Thursday of each year.

Children’s Bell Choir:

Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade are invited to participate in this fun and education musical opportunity that practices one Wednesday a month and performs the following Sunday from Fall through Spring. These young people only need to know colors and how to count and they can play children’s bells. All are welcome!

Special Music:  September 25th (Rehearsal September 21)   February 5th (Rehearsal February 1) November 6th (Rehearsal November 2)   March 5th (Rehearsal March 1) December 18th (Rehearsal December 14)   May 7th (Rehearsal May 3)